Tax Evaders heading offshore
Legal tax engineering is a mandatory business practice for anyone who wants to be competitive in today's globalized world, and only those who are not entrepreneurs can afford to refuse to acknowledge this fact.

Are YOU a Tax Evader? Pointing Fingers in Panama

Being able to bank online and pay your bills in your pajamas is such a joy.  Compared to the alternative in Panama, it’s heaven.  I’m not naturally blessed with unlimited patience.  I don’t do waiting in line particularly well.  And that’s pretty much what it takes here, to pay your bills.  On the appropriate day, you find an ePago kiosk […]

How to Bank Online in Panama

UPS with Modem and Router
So now you have your precious electronics protected by surge protectors, but a fat lot of good that does for your entertainment needs when the lights go out and so do the modem and router.  Sometimes you just don’t feel like honing your conversational skills.  Or there’s nobody around to hone them on. If you are like most of us, […]

How to Keep Your Internet Up in a Panamanian Blackout

Metal-oxide varistor 2
If you are not using surge protectors for your electronics and appliances in Panama, you’re nuts.  The power supply wavers a bit during any part of the year, but during the “summer” months (late December, January, February, March), violent wind gusts play havoc with the power lines, aggravating an already fragile situation. Then, when it starts raining in May, the […]

Why You Need New Surge Protectors