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I am so grateful to my readers! Four 5 star reviews! Yes! Everybody wants to be loved, but I think authors might be more desperate than most of the rest of the population. At least, some of us. Naturally, I think Chip is pretty good – if I do say so myself – but then I am its “Mother.” Your […]

3 More Terrific Reviews!

A terrific review on Amazon! I’ll let it speak for itself… Buckle Your Seatbelt and Pass the Time-Distance Wafers!, December 27, 2011 By N. Gailey – See all my reviews This review is from: A Chip in Time (Kindle Edition) J.K. Mikals has produced an engaging, genre-defying tale that gently mocks literary cliches and whole-heartedly celebrates snack foods. In Mikals’ […]


The fact of the matter is that I am essentially a very private person, so I have never had a blog or a bio or anything on the web before. However, needs must and all that, now that I am a published person. Gotta promote the book, ya know?  When I was much younger I read something somewhere that defined […]

Opening Salvo…