Monthly Archives: October 2013

Spanish is a delightful language.  Here in Panama it really helps to speak it.   Did you know there are about 3,000 words quite similar to their English counterparts?  Nacional, odioso, normal, nervioso.  Auto, carro, bus.  These little sweeties are called “cognates,” meaning words with a common etymological origin.  They share Latin or other common roots with their English counterparts.  […]

Tricky Little Trampas

My expat friends warned me, “If you see something you want, buy it. Don’t wait, because it probably won’t be there the next time you go.” Eeep.  This requires a major change in the way I do things. I like to pre-shop, price compare, brand compare, and style compare before I make a selection. Having to just grab the first […]

Shopping in Panama