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Check out the drumstick action! Panama’s Independence celebrations stretch out over a week – from November 3 to November 8.  This is because Panama is celebrating independence from not one, but TWO countries.  The first set of celebrations (featured in my previous post, Dias de Patria) talks about breaking free of Columbia. Today, November 8, celebrates Panama’s break with Spain […]

Panama Independence Days, Part 2

Want to be part of a noble effort and learn a second language at the same time?  Does a massive push to translate the internet into multiple languages qualify as sufficiently noble?  Don’t have fluency in a second language yet?  No problem! Last night I watched TED Talk (links below) by Luis von Ahn, the gentleman responsible for Capcha and […]

Learn Spanish! Translate the Internet!

The drums have been thundering all through October as the school kids practice for the celebrations ahead. This weekend we have the three Dias de Patria. After breaking free Spain in 1821, Panama was part of the Columbian Republic until November 3, 1903 when Panama became an independent nation. Flag Day is celebrated November 4, and Colon Day, the day […]

Dias de Patria, 2013