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Happy New Year 2
At midnight on December 31, some people in Panama will stand at their front doors and throw money inside.  Not paper money, coins.  And never pennies.  Five cent coins and up.  Fistfuls of them.  Why?  So that money will enter the house during the coming year. There are other delightful Panamanian customs for celebrating the arrival of the New Year.  […]

Panamanian Customs: Happy New Year

How cute are these?  And you want one.  Of course you do.   Admit it. Psst. I know how you can get one… Call Yuyu or Elvia (Spanish) at 6528-0232 or Bonnie (Spanish or English) at 6772-2863. All pups are located at El Puerto in Guarare, just west of Las Tablas.  Any one or more puppies from this litter of […]

Local Opportunity: PUPPIES !!!

Butterfly over Explosion
“My stove has exploded and my kitchen is destroyed! Ja-ja-ja!  Inocente mariposa!” “My car was stolen in the night and I cannot now come to your house for New Year!  Ja-ja-ja!  Inocente mariposa!” December 28, the Feast of the Holy Innocents is for remembrance of the day Herod Antipas ordered the slaughter of all babes under two shortly after Jesus […]

Panamanian Customs: Innocent Butterflies

Christmas Creche in Iglesia de Santa Librado 2013
Here in Panama, especially in the Azuero, Christmas is treated more as a holy day than as a visit from Santa. Remembrance of “the reason for the season” is emphasized, and it is a family day. Families gather, close friends visit.  Where there are small children gifts change hands on Christmas morning.  Where the children are grown, gift exchange is […]

Merry Christmas in the Azuero

It is a rare occasion in Panamá that is not punctuated by the sound of firecrackers.  Firecrackers light the night, they pop throughout the day.  Some sound like a really loud bowl of Rice Crispies and some are like cannon exploding. There have been nights I was convinced that we were under invasion by an armed foe and the city was […]

A Festival of Firecrackers

A lot of expats tell me they prefer print books.  I understand.  Reading is a total body experience for me, too.  Those of us made like this don’t just read a book, we enjoy the weight of it, the physical act of turning the pages and hearing the paper rustle.  We like the slick feel of certain paper, the slightly […]

Getting Your English Fix: Print Books vs Kindle

I have just found treasure.  One of my neighbors is a pastry chef famous throughout the Azuero for her cakes.  Vanessa de Cano, a lovely young Panamanian, runs her business from her home in Villas del Cerrito where she produces elegant cakes for special occasions such as weddings, baby showers, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Such a cake, covered with fondant […]

Resources in the Azuero: Pastry Chef in Las Tablas

  One of the things expats-to-be sometimes forget to consider is how important it can become to get a little English into your life.  Exposure to your native tongue once in a while eases the homesickness and softens the cultural transition.  Books are the preferred method, for me. Alas, there don’t seem to be any bookstores here in the Azuero […]

Getting Your English Fix: Kindles et al