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Once upon a very long time ago, on a Central American peninsula called the Azuero, volcanic action shaped the land.  Most of this activity happened in places where the earth’s crust simply cracked and let the magma flow.  As, for instance, at Playa Uverito where lava flow undulates across the sand and far out into the ocean.  Sometimes the cracks […]

Tales of the Azuero: Why Tete Changed Its Name

Animal Advocates of Pedasi is having a Yard Sale in the Town Square on Saturday, December 14 from 9 AM to 2 PM. Please come and buy and/or donate. We will accept anything including old clothes, books, appliances (working or not), furniture, anything of value you might have and that is taking up space. We will also accept coupons for […]

Local Event: Garage Sale to Animal Advocates of Pedasi

One tale of the origin of the term gringo says that back when the US had soldiers all over Mexico and Central America, they wore green fatigues.  The Spanish transliteration of “green” would be spelled with an “i” as that is the “eeee” sound in Spanish.  Some fed-up, independence-lusting Latino with a can of spray paint and excellent native spelling […]

Do You Feel Welcome Here?

It’s official. Christmas IS coming. Thanksgiving is over and the stores now have an official blessing to display Christmas things in the US, even though they have been doing so since August.  Actually, the situation here in Panama is very much the same as it is in the States. Some merchants, though not all, have had a lot of their […]

Christmas IS Coming, Ta-Rah, Ta-Rah

Julius Caesar
I just found out I am living with a man I barely know. No, I don’t mean I barely know the man I live with. I mean that I didn’t know I was living with anyone, specifically not the barely-more-than-acquaintance I have been assigned. It seems that when my friend M went to visit N at Q’s, N told her […]

Spanish: El Gossip & Los Rumors