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Calle Abajo Carnaval Queen
Did you know the flamboyant spectacle of Carnaval in Las Tablas, Panama was started with a Church fight back in the 17th century?  It seems back then the fervently religious Spanish colonists were divided into two factions, each with its own patron saint.  The Hermitage of Santa Cruz celebrated the Holy Cross on May 3, and Caledonia celebrated Santa Librada […]

CARNAVAL Prep: The Tale of Arriba and Abajo

The most effective method I’ve found for finding a Las Tablas rental is simply talking to people. Here are some suggestions to amplify that, plus a really HOT TIP to make your rental search easy-peasy. First, How to NOT Find a Rental in Las Tablas 1)    Make sure to restrict your search to the internet. The first thing to understand […]

Adventures in Renting 5: Finding a Las Tablas Rental

Candles and Perfume – who can think of them without thinking of romance? Now, imagine a sultry night. Let us say it is a night in, perhaps, late March of 1945, the first night of Carnaval for that year. The Visual Feast Imagine hundreds of women of all ages, lovely in their pollera dresses, the skirts spread like wings as […]

The Romance of Las Tablas Carnaval

Maldito (accursed one) is the official subtitle translation for a number of naughty English words in movies.  It’s little friends seem pretty wimpy, too.  In fact, even when movie cursing has serious cojones (male equipment), the subtitles might read “Demonios! Diablos! Maldito!” which translates literally to a dainty, “Demons! Devils! Accursed person!” I’ve lived in Central America for two and […]

Fun with Spanish: Bad Word! Bad Word!