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Even if you don’t have a dog, you may find that fleas, ticks and the local version of chiggers are intensely interesting characters in your personal drama here in the Azuero.  That’s partly because these three nasty actors don’t much care what species they munch on, but mostly because the flea and chigger bites here itch like nothing you have […]

Bugging You: Fleas and Ticks and Chiggers O My

Feeling a bit buggy-eyed of late?  Having trouble losing weight?  Feeling puny and tired?  Can’t bench-press your motorcycle these days? It might not be your age.  The culprit might be… wait for it… your anti-bacterial hand soap!  This soap is not – repeat – not cool to use, because it turns out the active ingredient is triclosan, which has been […]

Growing Much Killer Bacteria?

The store mannequins here in Panama are not the butt-less, breast-less pseudo-women we are used to seeing in the US.  Many of them are just finely-butted, curvy-legged impossibilities with nothing above the waist.  But when they do have a top half, they are usually double D, bubble-butt wonders, designed to make Panamanian females believe that when they wear the outfit […]

Mannequin of Another Local Color

The Bufo Toad, sometimes called the “Bufo Frog” or the “Cane Toad,” is native to Central America.  It’s an old species — been around since the Miocene. The Bufo is a prolific breeder.  Some say its reproductive success is because it will eat almost anything, dead or alive, limited, of course, by mouth size and lack of real teeth.  The […]

Danger to Dog and Man: The Bufo Frog

Anything that wants to drink my blood is suspect.  That would include mosquitoes (which carry dengue, West Nile virus, malaria, et. al.), ticks (the Azuero features black ones, brown ones, green ones and red ones), and – why not – chiggers, which technically don’t drink your blood, but DO dissolve your flesh and suck it up. Doesn’t that sound delicious. Ewwww. […]

Bugging You: The Assassin Bug

Be prepared to shift your ideas about what is old and what is not. Who would have thought Oxford University was around before the Aztecs? I don’t often re-blog stuff, and this actually has nothing to do with Panama, but I thought it was worth passing along anyway, just for the amazement value.  Just click the link below and you’re […]

Time Travel, Sort-Of

I had my first scooter flat tire last Sunday.  What an experience! Friends in Playa Uverito had asked me to help them make a screen to keep flies out of the house.  (How-to’s in a later post, OK?)  They’re the ones with the dog rescue center out there and, as you might imagine, with seventeen doggies currently in residence, the […]

Flat Tire in Panama