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“Hoist the Jolly Roger” A Photobucket Photo It’s just past nightfall, that point in time where it’s hard to see what is truly happening. Picture a group of angry peasants armed with clubs and very sharp machetes pouring onto a beach on the western coast of the Azuero Penninsula. Their targets are the some half-drowned, exhausted, ship-wrecked pirates, who have […]

How Las Tablas Got Its Name

The landlord of this property is the best one in all of Panama, according to one of his tenants. And this half of his Las Tablas rental property is available to rent, unfurnished. It’s a duplex, which is unusual.  It’s $200 per month, water and garbage included, with hardwired internet possible.  (Installation is cheap, and your neighbor might be willing […]

Las Tablas Rental Available

Four times the yield in a quarter of the space! Imagine! And minimal watering, too! The agricultural display garden at this year’s (2014) Los Santos International Feria showed me how.  And I was charmed. Look at the size of these ripening watermelons and cantaloupes hanging in their trellis garden. They are healthy, juicy and burgeoning. Why is that a big […]

Trellis Gardening is the Answer