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The Azuero Ecology Project periodically makes helpful presentations to the public.  This one was titled “Ideas for a More Productive and Diversified Farm” (see original Spanish in photo). Over a hundred people came to this presentation, many of them obvious camposinos (country people) wearing their Panama hats flipped up in the traditional manner.  Others seemed to be from various agencies, […]

Lessons in Diversified Farming

While I like to think of myself as a Fearless Eater, blithely scooping the unknown and untried into my market basket and then my mouth, the truth is I am pretty chicken-hearted. And although I’ve never fancied myself a second Anthony Bourdain, lustily chowing down on blood soup and fried worms, I did feel intrepid faced with fruits and veggies. […]

Strange Fruit

Car Bought as Impulse Buy
Apparently, buying a car here in Panama can be as complicated or as simple as you please. I have a friend who describes herself as “an impulse shopper.” She moved to Panama intent on being transportationally green, on riding the buses and being a super denizen of her new country. The place she choose to live just happens to be […]

Buying a Car in the Azuero