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Concerned about internet ad tracking?  An excellent post by Indies Unlimited‘s Jim Devitt suggests a few ways to cut the online spying back a bit. He also provides an important link to an opt-out tool. If you hate being tracked, use it on all your browsers. Read the complete article: Internet Tracking: How To Minimize Data That Is Used When I […]

Stop Ad Tracking: Close Your Online Curtains

Fruit of the Optometrist Tree
Bless me, Doctor Optometrist, for I can’t see. It’s only been three years since my last prescription. I scratched those lenses almost immediately and then they made me crazy, so I wore my old glasses instead most of the time except for close work when I wore none at all and now I can’t see well with or without glasses. […]

A Visit to the Optometrist

If you want to master a foreign language, first you must be willing to be incoherent in public. Forget the word “embarrassment.” Rejoice in your new freedom to make a fool of yourself. I don’t care what your IQ is, you are going to say some truly remarkable things and possibly never realize it. Worse, perhaps you will. Recently, I made […]

Learn Spanish: On Being Incoherent in Public

Young Moringas
The “Magic Moringa,” the “Miracle Tree,” the “Superfood Tree,” the “Tree of Life.” These are some of the names applied to the moringa oleifera, a small tree from Africa being used for nutrition, health, energy enhancement, weight-loss, and anti-aging, as well as feed for animals, water purification and plant fertilizer. Why do proponents rave so about Moringa?  Because it contains […]

Fun Plants in the Azuero: Moringa