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For some reason it seems very difficult to find instructions on how to load Claro prepaid data onto your device. I don’t say onto your phone, because you might want to put it on your USB thunderstick or onto your WIFI hotspot device. In any case, the process is almost the same for each of them.  To load minutes, you […]

Claro Prepaid Data Plans in Panama

On the corner of Villareal and Av. Joaquin Pablo Franco is my favorite place to shop, a little red store called Mega Variedades  La Pollera.  It’s my favorite store for a number of reasons. There, James and his wife Jacqueline and their super staff run the most amazing business in the Azuero. What do you need? A bed? A mattress? […]

My Favorite Store in Las Tablas

Bill’s eyes light up when he talks about the birds and animals who share his new home. He and Judie have monkeys, toucans and big parrots adding charm to their days now. They have coatimundis (similar to a raccoon), jaguarundis (bigger than a housecat, smaller than a panther), and tiny white-tailed deer that prance across their property. Not to mention […]

Building in Panama: Judie & Bill’s House