Monthly Archives: July 2014

Here in the Azuero Penninsula many of us feel like “The Ancient Mariner” right now.  Most of the area has been without potable water for a week. On June 30, Panama’s IDAAN declared the water here “unfit for human consumption” anywhere that it is obtained from the La Villa de Los Santos River. What happened? Well, the river was contaminated. […]

Contaminated Water Everywhere, Not a Drop to Drink

In previous blogs* I have described initiating the process of renewing my scooter registration – first learning that my insurance expired a month before my registration (!) and getting it switched to the company I prefer, then assembling and submitting all the documents to the far-away location of San Miguelito near La Ciudad de Panamá. Because my generous and helpful […]

Vehicle Registration in Panama: The Final Segment