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Diamonds are “forever,” and so are certain blog posts. I get repeated questions about certain topics. Usually, the good news is that I already have several articles posted that would help. The bad news is that my readers tell me they are not obvious to find. So, this particular post is really an announcement: I’ve been busy making a page […]

Working ON the Blog or IN the Blog?

Here’s the bad news (or maybe it’s good, depending on your point of view): I’m cutting back from posting here three times a week to posting twice. Here’s the good news: the reason I’m cutting back on the posts is that I’m getting more excited about writing, writing, writing the latest novel. Now that I have finally got my teeth […]


I guess you could say the Adopt a Dog Event was a rousing success. Loni and Mike brought 7 dogs to town, complete with their charming “Adopt Me” harnesses. Six of those dogs have new homes now. AND, a Panamanian gentleman with four puppies joined the group mid-morning and successfully found homes for all four little ones, as well. Loni […]

Followup on Adopt A Dog Event

Need some LOVE around your house?  How about 20 or 30 pounds of it? Open your heart Saturday, August 23, 2014 between 8am and 2pm at the empty lot a block from Super Carnes in Las Tablas. Adopt a Dog. If you live in the Las Tablas area, you probably either know or have heard of Loni and Mike, the […]

Adopt a Dog Event

Guau. (Wow.) Did you know you can set your smartphone to text you if your dog has to go outside? Neither did I, until today. In my effort to stop playing Luddite and move into the modern world, which is to say, as I attempt to establish my author platform in social media, I’ve been reading a lot. Some of […]

Automate Your Life in Panama

One thing I noticed about Panama when I first moved here was that it seemed kind of difficult to find authentic handicrafts. Admittedly, there are plenty of tourist booths along the streets in Las Tablas, but the stuff in them is mostly not specifically Panamanian. I wanted gifts for my family that were made locally, and would be readily identifiable […]

Handicrafts at Panama’s Annual Artistan Fair

Last Sunday I had lunch here in Las Tablas with a group from the Panama Relocation Tours. A lovely woman from Boquete, Jackie Lange, leads these tours, which help people from just about everywhere decide if Panama is right for them. Jackie loads her group of 15 or so onto a giant, comfy, air conditioned bus and takes them to […]

Panama Relocation Tours