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Queen on Display for Carnival 2014
Because the tendency to assume everyone shares our core values is universal, the opportunity to be blindsided by a cultural difference in a foreign country lurks right below the surface, like a grinning crocodile. Recently a friend of mine stepped right into the jaws of one of these cultural differences. She gave me permission to tell her story for the […]

Temporary Cultural Differences

(Heavy drama:) The two foot space next to the refrigerator was a total mess. I had stacked my water bottles there. A little voice has been telling me I should fill up those same water bottles for some time. I was realizing I should have listened more closely. The water was shut off. When I moved into this subdivision one […]

Water Shortage in Las Tablas

Moringa is a food tree with an astounding number of uses. Several of my friends here in the Azuero are growing it now, and several more are taking it “for what ails them.” One lady who suffers greatly from a truly debilitating condition that includes poor circulation in its symptoms started taking moringa a couple of months ago. She is […]

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