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trumpet bell 2
When is excessive use of one’s horn NOT a sign of “road rage?” When you are in Panama. The local forums and gringo opinionations frequently make the assumption that all the honking Panamanians do at each other’s cars, scooters, and motorcycles, as well as at pedestrians and bicycles, is a sign of road rage.  That’s probably because the same behavior […]

Road Rage in Panama

Right now the news focus in Panama seems to be on how corrupt the country is. Rather than gasping in horror, we should more correctly be rejoicing. When such things are brought into the light, what is actually happening is the first stage of reform. Our new president, Sr. Varela, is criticized for not moving fast enough on this. Confucius, […]

To Fix Corruption, First Find It

It never occurred to me is I might meet celebs in Panama. Certainly, I never expected to spend half an hour chatting about ecology with one when I attended an event scheduled to begin with a composting lecture and demonstration. But there he was, big as life, wonderfully friendly, and very well-informed about Panama’s ecological challenges: Olmedo Sáenz, former big […]

Matanza with the Star

They say that everything is grist for the mill of a good writer. Tell you what. Let’s put that to the test.  Let’s make some lemonade from my recent, digitally awful, weekend! We need three ingredients. The Lemon: My horrible blog subscription snarl; The Sugar: the enormous amount of time I recently spent studying three act structure for novels; The […]

Subscription Lemonade