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Moving in Panama, while a slightly scary proposition (this is NOT Kansas, honey), shares the same basic logistics you have anywhere.  You have to find boxes, you have to find helpers, and you have to find a guy with a truck. You also have to cancel or change your services and notify “everyone” of your new address. Find Boxes For […]

Moving Day in Panama

Today’s the day! The La Prensa Panama article with the photo shoot for which our very own Las Tablas Mer-Matrons posed is supposed to be published in the Martes Financiero insert today.  Check it out online at Scroll down to see us – we DID make the paper!  I’m the one in the black pants and Hawaiian shirt squinting into the […]

La Prensa Panama Article Prints Today

Little Miss Muffet has nothing on me. On Halloween (!!!) a bat fell off the ceiling and landed next to me. It just missed the printer. I sat, fingers poised over the keyboard, stunned, as I tried to process what the undeniably ugly, semi-rectangular brown thing squirming feebly eight inches from my foot could possibly be. Surely not a bat. But, […]

Going Bat-ty

Apologies to those of my readers who have missed me. This past month has been… in A word, Awful. In B word, Bad news. In C word, Challenging. And so forth. Computer woes, mostly. I had put the most recent blog up to be posted on the 7th, when my ASUS crashed October 4.  It wasn’t until the 18th that I […]

A Bullet to the (Computer) Foot