Monthly Archives: June 2015

Well, the addition is finally finished. Except for painting the porch and the outside of the building.  It took four months to get here, with the usual, expected delays.  Right now there is about zero unemployment in this area, and it’s tough to find workers.  Most of the men who worked on the addition were related to my landlady.  I will […]

The Addition, Part 2

One of my Super Gardener friends (Mikkel Moller) mentioned he planned to use diapers in his garden this year. The sodium polyacrylate crystals used in disposable diapers hold up to 30 times their weight in water. Here in Panama where it doesn’t rain AT ALL for almost six months of the year, that sounds like a godsend for the garden. […]

Diapers in the Garden

Gardening in Panama is a bit of a challenge, even for experienced, successful gardeners.  My attempt this year is going to be mostly edible landscaping, and it involves a modification of the Square Foot Gardening Method. I wouldn’t have modified it – why reinvent the wheel? – but necessity is my task-master.  The planting recipe calls for raised beds lined […]

Square Foot Gardening in the Tropics