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Panamá has declared a state of emergency.  The drought is official.  Cargo ships in the Canal are now restricted to a draft (depth in the water) of 39 feet. Lawns, gardens and golf courses are forbidden to use drinking water for watering.  Burning brush (a favorite Panamanian practice) is prohibited for fear of wildfires. Here in the Azuero, often called “the […]

Drought, El Niño & Your Dinner

There is  a lot online about magnesium deficiency in the States.  The fact seems to be that we should be worried about it here in Panama even more. Magnesium deficiency seems to be connected to all manner of physical ailments.  It is implicated in sleep disorders, muscle cramps and spasming, heart problems, kidney problems – in fact, it is needed […]

Why You Should Worry About Magnesium Deficiency

Watch Dog Watching
Motion sensor lights seemed like a grand plan now thatI have three times the covered porch area I had before the addition was built. However, motion sensor lights seem to be unheard of in Panama.  At least, I could find nothing in the local hardware stores. to the rescue!   I found two simple ones that screw right into the […]

Watch Dog Or Motion Sensor Light?