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Panama has a fairly laissez faire approach to business.  However, when left to their own devices, businesses seem to have a tendency to run roughshod over everything that doesn’t support their bottom line.  One way this manifests is in advertising.  Outdoor advertising can amount to significant “visual pollution.”  And the target of advertising, the consuming public, often has significantly less […]

Yet Another Reason to Love Panama

I  have never eaten gopher, but I did skin and cook a squirrel once, back in the days when my then-young son was learning to be Tarzan.  In that vein, I had him clean the poor little thing, but he insisted that I do the skinning. (“You’re so good with a kitchen knife, Mom.”) Here in the Azuero, people are […]

Foodies of the Apocalypse, Rejoice

Panama Canal, courtesy of Lyn Gately, Flikr Creative Commons
The Panama Canal uses 52 million gallons of fresh water for every passage.  When the mid-August (2015) drought-caused cargo restrictions went into effect for the Panama Canal, I read an Accuweather article that suggested results would not be limited to those felt by the shipping companies. Erica E. Phillips of the Wall Street Journal  quotes University of San Diego’s business school Joel […]

Side Effects of the Drought in Panama

Album cover for the band Pigeons Playing Pingpong Courtesy of YouTube Years ago I became fascinated with positive reinforcement when I first learned about BF Skinner’s experiments teaching pigeons to play pingpong. Later I discovered Karen Pryor, a totally amazing animal psychologist/trainer who has worked with dogs, cats, wolves, dolphins and all sorts of other animals, including human teenagers. Her […]

Can You Teach Dogs to Count?