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I wouldn’t confess to this if I didn’t know that at least 50% (maybe more) of the people reading this article also have the problem. I refer to the 50-50 selection process for opening a door: Should you push or pull on that door in front of you? It’s not necessarily a no-brainer even in English, am I right? Come […]

PUSH or PULL in Panama

Las Tablas Entrepreneur Charges $3 for Parking during Dias de Patria
In January of 2015, Panama passed a law stating that businesses in shopping malls should provide three hours of free parking.  Being from the States and used to having my potential spending coveted by businesses in suburban shopping malls, I thought this was a fine idea. However, I seem to be pretty much alone in that opinion here in Panama. […]

Should Free Parking Be Illegal?

Could you use a little more love in your life?  The most guaranteed method is to get a dog.  And Loni and Mike just “happen” to have four little cuties who need homes ASAP. You see, Mike’s health has been deteriorating steadily in Uverito, what with the burning at the dump and his asthma and his other problems with ALS. […]

Panama Pets – Free Pups et al

A few months ago, one of my friends here in Las Tablas told me that the bank she and her husband used here had been shut down by the government and all funds frozen. My first question was, “Do you need help?” and my second one, “Why did it happen?” She told me they were OK because they had kept […]

When Should You Run Your Bank?