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Our Holiday gift to you is a faster website!  (We hope.)  To that end, we’re moving to a new hosting company this week. (They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.) The url ( will remain the same, but our subscribers may need to sign up again, as there is some ambiguity about how the mail out is structured. We apologize […]

Time Off for Christmas & Moving

Where does world peace start? In YOUR heart. Our world is made of the stories we tell ourselves about it. Let me tell you a story of forgiveness. In 1989, the US bombed Panama.  It was called “Operation Just Cause” and the reason given was “to neutralize Noriega.” This tiny war took five days, and was judged most successful by military […]

Why US Citizens Should Stay Out of Panama and Colon ...

Don’t be too surprised if the room grows quiet after you announce in Spanish that you want to introduce Manuel to Dorita. You just stepped in a false cognate and it smells really bad. False cognates are those lovely words that sound just like English, but mean something different. The Spanish Introducir does not mean to present one person to another […]

Why You Should Not Introducir Your Friends

Street Vendor with Hats Made in Panama and Other Goodies
The fact that what norteamericanos call a “Panama Hat” is really a hat made in Ecuador, is pretty well known these days. But there are genuine “Panamanian Hats,” as well, and they are produced all over the interior of Panama.

Panama Hats and Panamanian Hats

Recently a reader planning a vacation to Panama with her children dropped me a note from the website.  She was worried about malaria, dengue, and kissing bugs and wanted to know whether she and her kids would have to spend their entire vacation itching from bites even if they were covered from head to foot in hot clothing. I told […]

More on Bugs and Itching

Broken Chairs - 3 legs, no seats, Really Bad or Really Good? 6
Today two – not just one, but TWO – plastic chairs literally shattered under me. Really bad? Really good? I’m not sure yet. I have never heard of such a thing before. Yes, the legs sometimes weaken and you find yourself leaning off to the left or something, but you can usually catch it. You don’t have to wait and […]

Exploding Chairs Are Really Bad / Really Good

Today we have a guest post from intrepid traveller Jess Tripelio, who has some very nice things to say about the interior of Panama. Ten Reasons Panama’s Interior Should Top Your Bucket List Panama is a beautiful country known for its friendly people, stunning landscapes, and glitzy Panama City, but too many travelers stick to the beaches and the metropolises […]

Ten Reasons Panama’s Interior Should Top Your Bucket List