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AprilNeed some LOVE around your house?  How about 20 or 30 pounds of it? Open your heart Saturday, August 23, 2014 between 8am and 2pm at the empty lot a block from Super Carnes in Las Tablas.

Adopt a Dog.

If you live in the Las Tablas area, you probably either know or have heard of Loni and Mike, the two Sweet Hearts from Hawaii who started the dog rescue center out in Playa Uverito.

The feral dog population here is a problem. People see a tiny, cute puppy and take it home.  But when it gets bigger and eats more and acts less like a puppy and more like a dog, they tire of it and throw it away. These are former pets that someone tossed out, abandoned dogs.

Expats are no better about this than the locals. Expats will take in a stray, feed it and care for it for a few months, then return to their home country,  simply abandoning the poor dog to fend for itself.

Loni and Mike O’Grady couldn’t stand it, nor would their kind hearts permit them to just sit around and moan about it. They began by feeding the starving dogs at Playa Uverito, then graduated to running a full-scale shelter with a maximum capacity of twenty dogs, Adopt A Dog Azuero.  You can check out their website here.

Unfortunately, their landlord, who was initially enthusiastic about the project, now wants them to move. Finding a place that will accept the dogs is tough, so they have to reduce the population at the rescue center as quickly as possible.

[table alignment=’center’ width=’60%’ border=’3′]PLEASE NOTE that THE RESCUE CENTER IS CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING DOGS.  I repeat that the Center is over capacity right now, providing food, shelter, and medical care when necessary to so many dogs, and now they have to move.[/table]

What to do? Loni and Mike are having an Adopt A Dog event in Las Tablas this weekend, Saturday, August 23, 2014, from about 8am to about 2pm.  It will be held in the empty lot where the entertainment stage is set up for Carnaval – the empty lot on the town side one block from Super Carnes.

There will be five adult dogs and two puppies available during this event.  All are now healthy and all have been sterilized. Plus, all of them are friendly, people-loving, and well-behaved. Remember, these were originally house pets who were thrown away.  What they want more than anything is a new person of their own.

The Dogs

jsw_blackBlack is a neutered female. She is a smaller breed mix who was living on the patio of an empty summer home with her mother, Blue. Black weighs around 30-35 pounds and is about 1 year old. She has a happy, pleasant manner. She is a soft and pretty girl who is just waiting for YOU!

jsw_blueBlue, with her one light blue eye and one brown eye, is a slightly older,  spayed, short-haired bird dog mix weighing about 30 pounds. She really wants your love.


is sweet, gentle and quiet. She is sterilized, weighs about 40 pounds and has that light-footed hound stride. A lovely dog. Her photo is the one at the top of the page.

gingerGinger – how about a redhead?  This lively, soft and pretty little girl (spayed) has long, golden red hair.  She plays well with others.


Maggie Mae is a brown Shepherd mix, very affectionate, 40 pounds, who loves quiet evenings with her person and long walks by the ocean. Her owner moved to the Dominican Republic and could not take her with him.

Lily – spayed, vaccinated, about a year old. black and brown, playful and energetic.

DukeDuke – an old, tan dawg with a docked tail and hound dog eyes. He has a good bay on him and is a fine watchdog in his final years. Loving, he would make a good companion dog.



Charming Pepper  is about two, a 50 pound, friendly, loving, companion dog. She’s fixed and fully vaccinated.  How could you not love those ears?


Lola is young, vital, runs like the wind and can play for hours without tiring.  She would make an excellent “only” dog for a young boy or anyone willing to give this amazingly intelligent animal some time and attention.

Crook is a black and brown male, who is looking for a family he would love a lot.

Some of the dogs won’t be attending because of transportation issues, but you can always go out to the shelter and pick them up.








4 thoughts on “Adopt a Dog Event

  • dave

    We have wondered… what rules generally exist around dogs in rental homes or condos, or generally e.g. parks. Many restrictions here in Canada…
    What are some typical examples? We love dogs and wouldn’t want to be where they are not allowed.

    • JK Mikals Post author

      I can’t speak for other areas, but in the Azuero, having a dog if you are renting is not usually a problem. Many of the renting expats keep dogs. I know of few condos in this area, but there’s one in Rompio that permits dogs and I was never turned away from any single family rental because of my two dogs and one cat when I was house-hunting. Loni and Mike have had as many as 24 dogs at their rescue center – right before the Adopt A Dog Event, they had 14.That’s a LOT of dogs to move with, and that’s why they needed to find homes for them right away.
      The Panamanians keep dogs both for companionship and as watch dogs. Mostly as watch dogs. As I said, I have two dogs with me in my rental, a chihuahua I brought with me and an Uverito Beach rescue dog. While the chihuahua is an excellent doorbell – for other dogs as well as people, blowing leaves, etc.- my wonderful rescue dog has a terrific bay and pays for her dog food by acting as my warning system. She never makes any noise unless there is an actual human outside the house.
      Be aware, if you do bring your animals, that it is hard on them here. There are more ticks and fleas and such, which don’t seem to respond as well to our customary treatments, and there are strange parasites and diseases. And although it is a hassle and an expense getting them here, it is a lot easier and cheaper to bring them into Panama than it is to take them back home – on the Panama side of the paperwork. That’s one of the reasons people often don’t take their adopted dogs with them when they leave the country.

  • 4sarge

    I hate this, Not the article but animals in need. I guess that I’m just a Big softie at heart and the older I get the softer that I become. We have 6 dogs, 3 rescues and 3 rescue cats. These animals are part of the reason that I’m still in the States. I don’t think that I’d even attempt to acclimatize our Loved ones to Panama. Shame on those ExPats who’d abandon their charges.

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