Azuero Life Hacks: Time and Tides 2


Really Cool Tide Picture at Really Cool Site:  Click pic to go look.

How many times have I heard a fellow expat here in the Azuero sigh and wish for a tide table?

Good news!  While trolling the internet I found a website that offers all sorts of tidal information – charts and tables and maps and lots of goodies.  Granted, these are specific to Balboa, Panama (or whichever other tide location you select from their list).

I read up a bit about tides and how they form and flow.  Because we are so close to the equator and because the distance between Balboa and the Azuero (north and south) is not that great, I am guessing the tide times for Balboa might also apply pretty well to the western side of the Gulf, i.e., the east side of the Azuero Penninsula, subtracting five to ten minutes for the distance and the presumed counter-clockwise swirl of the water in the gulf.

Gulf of Panama

Google Earth – Gulf of Panama The “traffic light” marker on the map is in Las Tablas.

Now I could be wrong.  I have been wrong a few other times (coff) and if I am PLEASE let me know.  I know less than nothing about tides and tide charts and have the same amount of need for them.  BUT.  There are lots of people who want them, so I have added a link to this fabulous website, directly accessible as Tide Info from the menu under Happenings.  Or go right to it by clicking  HERE.

You can thank me later when you finish enjoying the charts and stuff.  Assuming it works for this area.  Do let me know.  Please.

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