Today we have a guest post from intrepid traveller Jess Tripelio, who has some very nice things to say about the interior of Panama. Ten Reasons Panama’s Interior Should Top Your Bucket List Panama is a beautiful country known for its friendly people, stunning landscapes, and glitzy Panama City, but too many travelers stick to the beaches and the metropolises […]

Ten Reasons Panama’s Interior Should Top Your Bucket List

On the corner of Villareal and Av. Joaquin Pablo Franco is my favorite place to shop, a little red store called Mega Variedades  La Pollera.  It’s my favorite store for a number of reasons. There, James and his wife Jacqueline and their super staff run the most amazing business in the Azuero. What do you need? A bed? A mattress? […]

My Favorite Store in Las Tablas

The landlord of this property is the best one in all of Panama, according to one of his tenants. And this half of his Las Tablas rental property is available to rent, unfurnished. It’s a duplex, which is unusual.  It’s $200 per month, water and garbage included, with hardwired internet possible.  (Installation is cheap, and your neighbor might be willing […]

Las Tablas Rental Available

There have been nine cases of hanta virus in Panama so far this year. “Most of them” have been in the Azuero. So now Carnaval in Las Tablas might not happen this year!  But far better that, than the alternative. How do you catch hanta virus? By touching, eating or drinking something a rodent has peed on. Or by stirring […]

Hanta Virus Threatens Azuero

Julius Caesar
I just found out I am living with a man I barely know. No, I don’t mean I barely know the man I live with. I mean that I didn’t know I was living with anyone, specifically not the barely-more-than-acquaintance I have been assigned. It seems that when my friend M went to visit N at Q’s, N told her […]

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