Spotless Meat Dept at Riba-Smith in Chitre 6
I don’t care how tough you are, everybody gets “homesick” sometimes. A couple of really smart entrepreneurs, Señores Riba and Smith, decided to be the solution to that problem for expats — and for Panamanians who just like foreign food. (Yes, I know.  You thought Riba was a super savvy daughter of the Smith tribe.  So did I.  Nope. We were […]

Why Riba-Smith is My Favorite Store in Panama

Panama and the U.S. are good friends.  However, as with all friends, there have been occasional difficulties.  One of those happened in January of 1963 and is now commemorated as Martyr’s Day on January 9 of each year.  In case you aren’t familiar with that bit of history, a website called “Every Day’s a Holiday” has an excellent writeup on […]

Panama Martyr’s Day