Took the dog out for a blog this afternoon. WHAT? I can hear you asking.  And I reply, my dog is a writer, too.  The technology is different, but it’s the same functionality. You don’t believe me? When poochie and I perambulate, she stops and busily sniffs the news along the way.  Often she leaves a comment.  At least […]

Blog Technology Revisted

Here in the tropics we have plenty of insect life.  Including spiders.  In fact, just this morning as I was hunting for something in one of my boxes (here, I keep everything in covered plastic boxes) something round and tiny scooted out from under it and ran off in a flurry of itty-bitty legs.  So when I read a blog […]

Little Miss Muffet Revisited

Ever hear of “treasure house” dreams? That would be a dream in which, for example, you walk into a high end clothing store where everything you might ever want is on sale for $20. Well, how about a medical treasure house?  My buddy Dennis, who is currently visiting and speaks no Spanish, had a bad asthma attack last night. When […]

Asthma Attack in Panama

The fact of the matter is that I am essentially a very private person, so I have never had a blog or a bio or anything on the web before. However, needs must and all that, now that I am a published person. Gotta promote the book, ya know?  When I was much younger I read something somewhere that defined […]

Opening Salvo…