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waterfilterFive days with no water and you’re dead. Here in the Azuero the atrazine water contamination issue once again reared its poisonous head. It seems the polluters have been at it again.

Enough people are pointing fingers and growling that the issue will very likely be resolved soon, but I would like to suggest that you, personally, can make yourself free of it.  No matter where you live.
And no, you don’t have to haul water unless you want to. Let me tell you a story.

Remember Chicken Little? You know, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling! We must run and tell the king!” Well, I’m a distant cousin of Chicken Little. So I like to be prepared for potential disasters. I read stuff about how to process cactus to extract water, how to cook grasshoppers in the event of a biblical plague, killing a wild pig and crawling inside to avoid freezing to death – that kind of thing.

So, naturally, when 2000 and the End of the World arrived, it found me in possession of a pretty fabulous water filtration system. I was impressed then that my water  filter would remove not only the ick, algae, parameciums and random parasites from pond water, but any lurking cholera germs, chlorine, heavy metals – even the stink.

The unit I bought was a British Berkefeld with ceramic filters. Since then, the company has been sold, the technology has advanced and the filters have changed. They are even better now.  The name has changed along with the water filters – they are now sold under the name “Berkey.”  And Wahoo! The “black Berkey” filters will take almost anything that’s not good for you out of your water!

And yes, that does include atrazine, the pollutant responsible for our local water scandal. If you don’t live here in the scandal zone,  don’t bother relaxing.  Atrazine is a “restricted” chemical in the US, but it’s not a forbidden one.  “Restricted” just means you need a permit and have to wear gloves and a mask to apply the stuff. I recently looked at one of those maps with the shading that shows how much is used where.  Atrazine is alive and well in the US, believe me, and all over the midwest. I may never eat corn again.

But again, this post is about good news.  The Black Berkey filter removes it, along with hundreds of other nasty, unhealthful things!  For a complete list of contaminants it will remove, check this list.

Want to convince yourself that these water filters are pretty amazing? Prepare to be impressed by the “red food coloring test.” As part of the process of getting yours ready for use, you are told to perform this.  It involves putting red food dye into the upper, unfiltered tank along with the water you want to clean.  The new units are transparent, so you can see the dye, watch the stained water transform into crystal clear, clean water in the lower tank after it travels through the filters.

These Berkey filtration units are wonderful, but the initial investment is definitely not cheap. But, since each filter is good for several thousand gallons, it works out over time, especially compared to buying bottled water. (Speaking of which, where are the bottlers getting theirs and how much do you trust them?) The filter units require no electricity – just gravity.  A clever little MacGyver would figure out a way to  atuomate the fill and empty procedure.  I should think a hose set to trickle in, and another to trickle out into a large holding tank would do the job, if you hate the idea of having to fill the tank.

However, if you want to assure yourself of a supply of potable water no matter what, buying one is a very positive investment in your health.

I love my unit. The water it makes is extremely tasty. I used it when I lived in Atlanta, I used it in Florida, in North Carolina, and now I use it here. The model I have was discontinued because of a factory accident that destroyed the mold, but if anything happened to it, I would replace it instantly with a newer model, no matter what the budget was screaming about. When it comes time to replace the filters once more, I’ll be upgrading to “black Berkeys” instead of more stearyl ceramic units. The less ick I swallow, the better. That’s my motto.

And no, I am not affiliated with any of the companies that sell these items. The only axe I’m grinding here is a concern for YOUR health and well-being. But I will say that anyone looking for a business opportunity in Panama might well consider this one.

Here are four companies that sell them online.

Berkey Direct

Pleasant Hill Grain  

Berkey Filters

New Millennium

You can also order through That makes five.


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