Chiropractors in Panama 2

Chiropractor at Work

Chiropractor at Work

Hello. My name is JK Mikals and I am a chiropract-aholic.

Right now, my habit is not so much under control as it is deprived of sustenance. There are exactly seven chiropractors in all of Panama, so I am informed by one of them and some fairly extensive research. I am right on the edge of doing a yoo-hoo sailor and if I could find a group of soon-to-retire chiropractors back in the states… you know, I just might.

We’d love to have one – a good, gentle chiropractor – here in Las Tablas. Someone who understands that older bones and muscles can be a bit fragile and handles us accordingly. We would like him/her to be alert to the fact that the rich expats don’t settle here, and charge accordingly.  There might not be enough gringos in need during the wet season, when the snowbirds have flown, but if the word got around sufficiently, down to Chitre and Rompio and over to Pedasi and so forth, I betcha there would be enough people wanting his/her services to keep him/her happy most of the time.

jsw_chiro2The Panamanians here have no idea what chiropractic is.  I have been referred to a local physical therapist (sorry, not the same thing at all, not at ALL). I have been shunted over to a local rolfer. (Yeow! No, no, no!)

Please. These people are not only not chiropractors, they are not “better than nothing,” either. They are a waste of money in terms of delivering what I need.

I finally resorted to printing out some photos of nice, straight spines and perfectly aligned skulls on perfectly curved necks.  I put myself into a state of deep relaxation, think about the photos and pretend they are my own skull, neck and spine, and start moving my spine.  Sitting on the edge of my bed, I twist and turn in every direction. And I do get some adjustments and some relief.

Chiropractor with Adjustment Tool

Chiropractor with Adjustment Tool

It isn’t the same, though.

Yoo hoo, sailor…

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