My Favorite Store in Las Tablas

My Favorite Store

Mega Varedades La Pollera

On the corner of Villareal and Av. Joaquin Pablo Franco is my favorite place to shop, a little red store called Mega Variedades  La Pollera.  It’s my favorite store for a number of reasons. There, James and his wife Jacqueline and their super staff run the most amazing business in the Azuero.

What do you need? A bed? A mattress? A chest of drawers? They have it. Tables? Chairs? Kitchen cabinets? Living room furniture? Yep. How about a sewing machine? Check. Or an electric frying pan? Or a rice cooker? Check.  Well, then how about a T.V.? A stereo system? Speakers? Check.

OK, let’s up the ante. Want a refrigerator? A stove? A freezer? A washing machine? How about an air conditioning unit? They have it.

In fact, if you need it for your home, it’s very likely they have it.  Or, if they don’t, James will show you his catalog and you can choose what you like.

It’s quite wonderful. And it gets better. James and Jacqueline both speak fluent English, which makes it so friendly and easy for expats to shop there.

But there’s more – in Panama, customer service is often still in the developmental stage… but not here.  James and his wife have a highly refined sense of what makes a customer loyal. They deliver – literally, as well as figuratively.  Their friendly, helpful guys will bring the delivery truck right to your door and unload your purchases, usually the same or next day. And if you have an issue with something you bought from them, James and Jacqueline, unlike many Panamanian business people, really understand the value of keeping customers happy. If you have a problem, just tell them what it is. They will work with you to make it right.

Nearly everything I have bought for my home I bought from James and Jacqueline. Why? Because I know they will take good care of me. I know can trust them.

And that’s something you can’t buy.

Map to Mega Varedades La Pollera

Map to Mega Varedades La Pollera