Followup on Adopt A Dog Event

Happy Adoptee at Adopt A Dog Event

Happy Adoptee at Adopt A Dog Event

I guess you could say the Adopt a Dog Event was a rousing success. Loni and Mike brought 7 dogs to town, complete with their charming “Adopt Me” harnesses. Six of those dogs have new homes now. AND, a Panamanian gentleman with four puppies joined the group mid-morning and successfully found homes for all four little ones, as well.

Loni and Mike sent out a note to everyone involved, which I would like to share here.

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We adopted out 6 of the 7 dogs that we took to town yesterday. We also adopted out 4 puppies that a local man asked us to help him with. Thank you all for the donations of time and money, loans of kennel crates, IT support, dog transportation, radio station visits, event permits, governmental agency assistance, adoption paperwork, translation services, and the willingness to stand outside on the hot concrete pitching dog adoptions in the Panamanian sun. We have always said, together we can do, what we cannot do alone, but I like Miriam’s Spanish version better. It is short and sweet. Juntos somos mas. Thank you all.

From this note you get a feel for how much work is involved.  Next weekend, Saturday August 30, 2014, they are going to do it again!  They will be joining the Spay Panama group and the Animal Advocates of Pedasi in Pedasi at the Basketball Court for a joint event featuring dogs to love and goodies to buy in a Yard/Patio Sale.  Proceeds are mainly to support the spay clinics.  If you can, please go, and support this wonderful cause.

(If you’d like to help, but live too far away, Loni and Mike could always use a bag of dog food – there’s a PayPal button on their website,