Foodies of the Apocalypse, Rejoice

I  have never eaten gopher, but I did skin and cook a squirrel once, back in the days when my then-young son was learning to be Tarzan.  In that vein, I had him clean the poor little thing, but he insisted that I do the skinning. (“You’re so good with a kitchen knife, Mom.”)

Here in the Azuero, people are concerned about this year’s rice crop and expecting food shortages.  I saw someone at the grocery who could only have been hoarding rice.  We’ll probably see more of that soon.

So, when I saw this post by HorseBackBob at, I could not resist re-blogging it for your culinary delight.  Perhaps I will find some recipes for large bugs, too.  I’ll share them with you (jee-jee – which is Spanish for ‘hee-hee’).

And without further ado, HorseBackBob presents…


Step by step instructions for going about skinning, primitively cooking and eating the Common Pocket Gopher.

Warning: The skinning and gutting of an animal is considered graphic by some. Pictures within this Instructable may be discomforting.


Disclaimer: A creature was harmed and consumed in this instructable. I will say that he struck the first blow by mercilessly eating my garden veggies. I’f you’d like to see how I trap these, by CLICKING HERE you can watch a video on how its done.

Step 1: Remove the Head

CookGopher-headAThough this is inelegant and a distasteful task for some, the removal of the head is a step that all of our meat products must undergo. A knife should have no problem cutting through the skin and muscles of the neck. Your knife can find a joint between vertebrae and work its way through to sever the spine or, being a small creature, you can twist the head until it “pops” the spine apart.

Note: If this is being done for survival reasons, cooking and consumption of the head may be an option to consider.

Bob goes on to tell us how to gut and skin the wee critter.  If you are up for it, you can read the entire post How to Skin and Cook Gopher.  Or you can watch his video.