Growing Much Killer Bacteria?


Killer Bacteria Coming to YOUR House
Courtesy of Your Anti-Bacterial Soap

Feeling a bit buggy-eyed of late?  Having trouble losing weight?  Feeling puny and tired?  Can’t bench-press your motorcycle these days?

It might not be your age.  The culprit might be… wait for it… your anti-bacterial hand soap!  This soap is not – repeat – not cool to use, because it turns out the active ingredient is triclosan, which has been implicated in:

1)    Weakening the heart muscle,

2)    Weakening skeletal muscles (OK it was in mice, but you’re next),

3)    Altering thyroid function,

4)    AND making bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

This information comes to you, in increasing order of UH-OH, courtesy of The Sacramento Bee, the Mayo Clinic and the US FDA website.

Why is this a Panama related topic?  I mean, really, does it belong in a blog about Panama?


Why?  Because the stuff is way too easy to come by here in the Azuero.  In fact, I have found it difficult to get any other kind of liquid hand soap in this part of the world.

Of course, the dudes from the FDA and Mayo are covering their butts and stating that the full vote on just how awful it could be isn’t in yet.  Of course they are.  Just like they denied global warming, while simultaneously applying anti-cancer creams for the ever-worsening UV.  And the newspaper is a newspaper.

I must insist that I am neither Germophobic nor Germophilic.  Bacteria have their place in the scheme of things.  I simply like to be prudent.  If you know Super Villain Evil Bacterium has announced he has a bullet just for you, but you wait until he actually hits town and is hunting you before you start thinking about Kevlar vests, you deserve what you get.  That’s my approach.

And as far as I’m concerned, the fact that anti-bacterial hand soap encourages old E.B. is more than enough reason all by itself to stop using it.  And to get the word out.

Therefore a really big Oh-No  just might be appropriate here.

So?  Are you calling me a wussy?  Or am I right?  Speak up.