Unhappy Face• If you have ever gone to the grocery and found it closed because it was a holiday you didn’t know about…
Unhappy Face• If you have ever kicked yourself for missing all the fun because you didn’t know there was a fiesta about to happen…
Unhappy Face• If you have ever cried because there is no tide table for this area…
Then try these links:

Calendar Picture


1)  A Calendar of Panamanian holidays, festivals specific to the Azuero, school holidays and sporting events (as up-to-date as we can make it – an on-going effort) is available as one of the sub-heads on the menu for this page.
The Calendar also includes local events as they are made available to us – garage sales, benefits, local festivals and fiestas, conservation efforts, anything community related.

If you have something of community interest you want publicized, email us.

Panama wind map
Wind Map from Tide-Forecast.com

Tide Info

2)  Access to up-to-date Tide Tables and charts for wave height, wind and weather for Balboa, Panama (which is on the Gulf of Panama opposite us), is also available as a sub-head on the menu.