Happy Thanksgiving! 2

frigate birds at dawn

Frigate Birds at Dawn

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for, here in the Azuero.  There are irritants, to be sure, and sometimes it’s easy to let them overshadow how wonderful life can be.

Not to go all maudlin and sappy on you (I love you, man) I’m grateful to be here at all.  So many of my old friends are gone, so many of my family.  But I’m still here and I can still do what I want, when I want and where I want.  Deep thanks for the excellent health and the monthly stipend from Uncle Sam which permits all that.

I’m grateful for the adorable little house I have rented from the absolute best landlord in Panama.  He lets me mess with the house and garden any way I want and fixes things in a timely manner.  He speaks no English, but that has never been a problem for us, in spite of my (still) limited Spanish.

Speaking of which, I’m very grateful to all my wonderful Panamanian friends for being so patient with my halting Spanish, and so willing to help.  Ditto the terrific cab drivers and dispatchers here in Las Tablas.  Some very friendly and helpful people.  And I’m grateful for my scooter which, as I gain confidence in riding it, is providing me with greater freedom to see more of the countryside and visit friends.

My neighbors, both Panamanian and expat, are another source of joy to me.  When I have needed help, it has always been instantly forthcoming.  All mis vecinos have been incredibly generous with their time, garden cuttings and tools, as well as in keeping me out of trouble and teaching me both the way things are done here and the reason they are done that way.  These are true friends. And I must not forget my wonderful children who have been so supportive of all my adventures. Thank you, kids!

The picture of the frigate birds is not a substitute for turkeys, my dears.  For me, the fact that such pictures are available for taking is another cause for rejoicing at the sheer beauty of everyday life down here.  Viva Panama!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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