Hot Bod: Getting Exercise in the Azuero

Bathers at Playa Uverito

Bathers at Playa Uverito

Holiday dinner rolls starting to make you feel guilty?  Exercise that New Year’s resolution to exercise!  What is there to do here in the Azuero?

More than you might think!  This post is the first in a planned series of 7 about the types of exercise is available here.  Today we offer an overview of known possibilities.

For instance, here in Las Tablas we have several gyms with a variety of body building and sculpting machines.   For those who want an aerobics workout, Chrissy’s Aerobics offers several different classes.  Zumba classes are within driving distance.

jsw_oct__2013_-_swim_group_#2Water activities are a definite.  You can swim in the Pacific at numerous beaches, or simply take long, lovely walksPools are available also.  You can do laps or, if you want something more organized,  I lead two classes of water aerobics  a week at the CENFAR pool in Guarare.  (Do stay out of the rivers though, as you will probably have some reptillian companions join you there.)

Uverito-Santa Semana 073Fishing is popular.  If your pockets agree you can take a charter for some splendid deep-sea fishing.  Others just rent a boat from local fisherman and troll for corvina or dolphin fish.  Some enjoy surf fishing.  There are a few rivers that have edible fish, but not many.

Uverito-Santa Semana 061Prefer something strenuous on wheels? Cycling is extremely popular and there are cycling groups who regularly zip around the countryside.  Those who enjoy wheels but prefer less effort can join a scooter or moto club and tour about.  Or get themselves a three-wheeler and run about on the beach.

Baseball is the national fascination in Panama.  You can watch it (the Campeonato Nacional Juvenil playoffs are on right now, see the Calendar for Las Tablas games at the O. Sole Stadium, etc.) or – make eight friends and play it yourself!

Boxing is popular, too.

Yoga would be a fabulous addition to what is here.  Since those of us interested have been unable to find a teacher close enough to make her efforts practical, for about a year I led a group in what I called “Pseudo-Yoga.” We performed a series of stretching exercises suitable for seniors and the injured that I had learned in various Silver Sneakers and actual yoga classes.  Since most of the attendees had knee issues, we all found it beneficial.  (Psst. If there is a certified yoga teacher in the neighborhood, you have a class waiting for you.)

For the next six Fridays,

we will be providing details and as much access info as we can find regarding what’s here for each of these different sports and exercise methods.  Stay tuned!