Hot Bod: Gyms & Aerobics in the Azuero

Reynaldo Villareal Works Out at Survivor Gym

Reynaldo Villareal at Survivor Gym

If you feel the need to work out while you are in the Azuero, Las Tablas has gyms.  I feel certain there are also gyms in Chitre and Pedasi as well, if not in other nearby towns.  The thing is to go exploring and find them.  In Las Tablas, there are three.

Survivor Gym

Survivor Gym

Survivor Gym

The first,  Survivor Gym, is downtown, on the street that runs along the side of the church of Santa Librada, which is on the main square.  Survivor Gym is on the right side of the street shortly before you reach the electric company, Fenosa.  Although I was unable to speak with the owner, Emilio, Reynaldo Villareal who is working there as a personal trainer speaks some English.  He told me that you can call Emilio at 69-40-03-14 to arrange to work out.  Survivor Gym has the usual machines, and Emilio has also set up a cardio room, where people spin, use the Nordic Track, work on their legs and lift weights. Survivor Gym is open Monday through Saturday from 7:30am to 9pm.  Cost is $1 per day.

Luiso’s Gym

Luiso's Gym

Luiso’s Gym

A bit more spacious than Survivor, Luiso’s Gym is also located in the downtown area.    From the corner of the park diagonal to the church, go five blocks down the main street and turn left.  Take the left fork in the street near Clinica Los Santos.  The gym is on the next corner.

Pedro Gonzales, who has been a personal trainer there for three years, assured me Luiso’s was the best gym in town, because “it is the largest, is open the most and has the best machines.”  He says Luiso’s provides motivation and know-how.  “The people who come here are happy and satisfied because they are seeing results.”

Luiso’s hours are 5am to 10pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday 9am to 9pm.  They are closed Sundays.  Cost is $2/day or $25 per month.

Nolo’s Gym

jsw_nolo'sgym1The Bulebar neighborhood also sports a spacious, well-equipped gym.  Nolo’s Gym is owned and operated by Manuel Bravo, who lives next door.  At Nolo’s you have not only a selection of excellent equipment and a choice of packages.  You can pay by the day ($2), by the week ($8), for fifteen days ($15), or for a month ($25).  The gym is open every day of the week -from 5am to 10pm Monday through Saturday,  and from 8am to 7pm Sunday.  The busiest times are in the evenings when business people come to work out,  with usually no waiting during the day.  Contact Manuel for more information at  at 67 08 68 51.

Chrisy’s Aerobics

Ladies looking for aerobics classes have their own facilities.   Chrisy’s Aerobics is only a  block or so from the stadium and right around the corner from Eventys and Jair Sports Bar.  Chrisy has a well-lit, wonderful, large open space with a mirrored wall, perfect for aerobics, where she leads classes.  Chrisy offers Aerobics Monday, Tuesday, Wednesay and Friday each week at 7pm for $2.50 per class.  Beginning in February she will be offering classes tailored especially for the overweight and classes for older women as soon as the minimum sign-up is met.  (If this is you, call for details!)  Chrisy herself is an excellent ad for the value of her classes.  A former bodybuilding champion, she has more energy than any 10 women, a brilliant smile and she looks like your mental picture of an aerobics teacher.  Chrisy’s motto?  “It’s never too late to start exercising.”  For more information, contact her at 67-52-40-00.

For those inclined to something aerobic with a bit more Latin flavor, Alicia’s Zumba classes are also available in Las Tablas.  For a description of the classes and facility, and contact info, see our previous post,  Local Resource: Zumba in the Azuero.


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