Hot Bod: Water Aerobics in the Azuero 2

Water Aerobics in Guarare

Water Aerobics at the CENFAR Pool in Guarare, just north of Las Tablas

Water Aerobics in the Las Tablas area is a pretty well-kept secret.  It’s also kind of a new secret, because we only started last October.  But it was definitely an idea whose time had come.

Because I really wanted to take a class, I mentioned it to a few friends.  They were very excited, but we couldn’t find a pool or a teacher.  Two other friends who knew nothing of this effort tried to organize a class out in Uverito.  They also had a problem – the local pool was too shallow and they had no teacher.

Now, I’m nobody’s idea of The Ultimate Physical Trainer, but I do have a bunch of years in as a computer trainer, along with lots of Train-the Trainer courses.  And I have always loved Water Aerobics, so I took advantage of every offering in the many different neighborhoods I lived in over the years.   Plus, there is always one’s dear friend, the Internet, with brains galore available for picking.

So that’s how I turned into a PE teacher.  I would not say I teach the class, but I have a great time leading it most days.  Sometimes the other ladies take turns.  Everyone enjoys the time, and we are actually seeing physical results.

The core group is primarily retiradas (retired ladies), mostly gringas, but we are often joined by Panamanian ladies, sometimes by gringo gentlemen, and sometimes by Panamanian gentlemen.  When there are kids in the pool, sometimes they join us, too, especially for a rousing game of beachball sort-of-volleyball.  When we play ball there is always a lot of laughing and splashing, even when it’s just “the old ladies.”

We use “noodles” (those long, colorful, foam tubes) extensively, for games and for resistance exercise.  As I mentioned, all those who attend regularly are seeing results at this point.  Group members are delighted with how much stronger they feel, how much more energy they have, and how some of their physical ailments have disappeared.

Water Aerobics Classes and Locations

Currently, we have three classes each week, all at 4:30 pm, but in two separate locations.

Monday and Friday we meet at the Mirador del Bosque pool in Las Tablas, because one of the most faithful of our group lives there and we come as her guests.  She’s moving down the coast soon, which makes her very happy and the rest of us less so because we’ll miss her a lot.  When she moves, we will expand our regular Tuesday at the CENFAR pool in Guarare (4:30) to include all three days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  (Incidentally, the CENFAR pool charges $2 per person.)  Otherwise, there’s no charge.

For more information, updates, or directions, just drop a line on the Contact Us page of this blog.  If you are local and leave your phone number, I will call you (assuming I have any minutes at that moment).  🙂  Otherwise, I’ll email back.

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  • Sally Price

    Hope there’s room in the pool for one more gringa… I will be there in less than two weeks!

    • JK Mikals Post author

      We’ll be delighted to have you, Sally! Would you like me to add you to the Water Aerobics email list so you can stay up to date on locations and times and other announcements? (I have your email address.)

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