Las Tablas Rental Available

Front Entry

Front Entry of Las Tablas Rental

The landlord of this property is the best one in all of Panama, according to one of his tenants. And this half of his Las Tablas rental property is available to rent, unfurnished.

It’s a duplex, which is unusual.  It’s $200 per month, water and garbage included, with hardwired internet possible.  (Installation is cheap, and your neighbor might be willing to pay half.) There’s a driveway where you can park one car. The location is pleasant, in a nice, middle-class sub-division not far from down-town Las Tablas.  If you’re a walker, it’s walking distance.  The bus passes the subdivision entrance several times a day, or you can grab a taxi to almost anywhere in town for $1.25.  The neighbors are friendly working people, helpful and pleasant, mostly not at home during the day.  Two policemen live on the same cul de sac, so it’s pretty safe.

Living / Dining Room from Kitchen

Spacious Living / Dining Room from Kitchen

The unit is extremely spacious, spotless and ready for move-in.  There are two bedrooms, one bath, a generously sized galley kitchen, and an enormous living room/dining room combination.  All rooms have 16 inch tile flooring.

The front porch is minimal, but the back porch is on the cool side of the house in the afternoon, quite a pleasant spot to kick back and people-watch or enjoy something cool as the sun sets.  The other tenant of the duplex will be quite happy to give the new tenant full access to the back porch, retaining only laundry rights.

Galley Kitchen

Galley Kitchen – Large for Panama

NON-SMOKERS ARE PREFERRED.  Panamanians don’t care for smoking, and the neighbor to the south of the duplex is known locally as Señor Death-to-All- Smokers. (His wife and child both have severe asthma, and he is very protective.)

The neighborhood enjoys the amount of noise usual to a Panamanian neighborhood, which is to say during fiestas (especially Carnaval) it is often loud (which is the case throughout the city). Occasionally someone gets carried away with firecrackers, but most of the time the area is fairly quiet.   There is some traffic noise, and on some weekends, engine sounds from the garage up the way.

These photos were taken at the height of the dry season, when nothing but large trees are green here in the Interior of Panama.  In the wet season, the exterior of the unit and the view from the back porch are far more attractive.

Front Bedroom

Front Bedroom. Rear Bedroom Is Same Size, Different Windows

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Back Porch

Back Porch, With Lots of Room for a Table & Chairs