Local Resource: Zumba Class in the Azuero

Las Tablas Zumba Teacher Alicia

Las Tablas Zumba Teacher

Zumba is available right here in Las Tablas!  What is arguably becoming the world’s most popular fitness regime, Zumba is an instructor-choreographed Latin dance routine combining elements of hip-hop, soca, samba, rhumba, salsa, merengue, mambo and martial arts.  What a kick.  What FUN. And so good for you.

Alicia Conivares, the instructor in Las Tablas, is a remarkable woman.  She’s been teaching zumba for the last five or six years and comes from a background of health and fitness study.  At six years of age she began dancing as a ballerina in Tucuman, Argentina.  The dance forms she studied included classical ballet, baladi (belly dancing), and Argentinan folkloric dances.  When she was 16, she competed in the Olympics as a gymnast.  She also competed in “grass hockey” at 18, and obtained her certificate as an aerobics instructor at 20.

Alicia is skilled at teaching low impact aerobics as well, and with your doctor’s note and recommendations she can tailor a class for you.  Want a personal trainer for nutrition, aerobics and weights?  Beginning in February, that’s available.

Want to learn to dance salsa, merengue, or the like?  Wednesdays from 6 to 7pm.  Come with or without a partner.

Zumba Class Moving Strong

Zumba Class Moving Strong

Zumba is twice a week, Wednesday and Friday, from 7 to 8pm.  All ages, both men and women, have a wonderful time!

All classes are $3 each.  Or you can get an economy pack by the month for $20.

I asked her what she enjoyed most about teaching these classes.  She smiled and said that when she teaches dance, she feels like she is giving her students health and joy.

Alicia’s popular Danzas y Fitness Academy is located not far from downtown Las Tablas, adjacent to her home.  Directions: From the light, proceed to the bus terminal, turn left, go three blocks, left again, 6th house on the right.  Phone number is 65-00-68-78.


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