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La Prensa Photographer Being Photgraphed While Photographing

As a non-sylph, I never thought I would be asked to model in newspaper photos, especially not here in the Azuero.  But that’s exactly what I and three of my retiree friends did recently.

What is left these days of the Mer-Matrons were exercising at the pool when we were approached by a young lady from La Prensa Panama who explained to the fluent Spanish-speaker in our group that they needed to take some photos which required “tourists” to enhance the local color.  Originally the thought was to gather some light-skinned school children, but then someone had the bright idea of getting some “real” tourists instead. So they approached us.

Not one of our group qualifies as a tourist, since we are all residents, but we are all definitely gringas, two blonde (Bonnie and Susy), and two gray (Jane and me). So we agreed to help out and arranged to meet at the Guarare central park the next morning, looking as touristy as we could make ourselves.

My own choice of costume included a Hawaiian shirt, a floppy hat, a fanny pack and a camera that really looks like one, even from a distance. I received compliments on using the fanny pack as part of my outfit, which I found amusing since I always use it as my most practical option when I ride the scooter, rather than as a (retro) fashion statement.

jsw_pollera_couple_6The primary models for the shoot were a lovely, slender young couple in pollera costumes, whom the photographer arranged under a tree.

jsw_tienda_5In the background was a fake “tienda” “selling” more pollera costume items, and we “tourists” were positioned around it in pretend-buy mode.  I was supposed to be taking photos of the others as they shopped.  I was having a great time taking actual photos and wheeling my camera lens in and out.

About fifteen minutes into this the photographer changed his mind and called me over.  My new assignment was to pretend to take photos of the couple as they posed for him, with the “tienda” in the background.  So I got some terrific shots of the photographer taking photos of us, as you see in the lead photo.

It turns out this photo shoot was for La Prensa’s Wednesday Finance Magazine (Martes Financiero), an insert for La Prensa Panama.  It will be published Tuesday, November 18.  Our photos might even be on the cover!  If you are interested, you can watch for it at .  When the edition is actually published, I believe the precise URL will be  .(Note: that link won’t work until the day arrives.)

I will post a reminder with a link to check for it on that day.

4 thoughts on “The Mer-Matrons Model for La Prensa

  • 4sarge

    Agreed, Author, Public Servant, Ex Pat and now Runway Model. I’ll have to make the trip to Las Tablas to hobnob with the famoso Gringa 🙂

    • JK Mikals Post author

      Aww, shucks. Sorry to disappoint such an adoring public, but it’s likely that none of us “tourists” were close enough to be recognizable in the final shots. We sure had a great time doing it, though. That’s a game I would be willing to play again. I’m sure Bonnie, Jane and Susy feel the same way. BTW, I have a better shot of the girls in the reminder piece coming up on Tuesday.

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