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Young Moringas

Young Moringas on a Panamanian Finca

Moringa is a food tree with an astounding number of uses. Several of my friends here in the Azuero are growing it now, and several more are taking it “for what ails them.” One lady who suffers greatly from a truly debilitating condition that includes poor circulation in its symptoms started taking moringa a couple of months ago. She is beyond delighted to share that as of last week her feet, which have been icicles for the past ten years, are once again warm.  She has great hopes for relief from her other symptoms and maybe even a cure for her condition.

I posted about moringa a while back, if you missed it.  And I would like to pass on an article on moringa written by Dr. Julian Hakim which was given to me by another friend.  Still other friends in Pedasi have decided to grow it and are contributing to its fame with a FaceBook page. I wanted to mention their page by link, but was surprised to find at least 120 other FaceBook pages extolling the use of moringa and didn’t know which it was. But so many pages can only be good news!

This plant is good news!  Check it out, if you like.  My friend who grows it takes it for the high level of bioavailable calcium.  She says its only real drawback is the flavor, as far as she is concerned.

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    Check out: Moriga de Panama on Facebook, it is strictly an educational site with videos and insightful snippets of info about the Moringa. Plus we encourage you to share your knowledge also.

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