Panama Pets – Free Pups et al 2

puppiesCould you use a little more love in your life?  The most guaranteed method is to get a dog.  And Loni and Mike just “happen” to have four little cuties who need homes ASAP.

You see, Mike’s health has been deteriorating steadily in Uverito, what with the burning at the dump and his asthma and his other problems with ALS.  So they have decided they need to move.  That’s right, Adopt-A-Dog-Azuero will unfortunately be no more, so PLEASE DON’T DROP OFF ANY DOGS.

The O’Grady’s new home is limiting the number they can have to their very favorite “own dogs,” which they had decided on last month.

However, some folks who will not here be called the unkind names they really deserve recently dumped several puppies and their mothers to starve at the beach, and naturally, Loni and Mike couldn’t let that happen, so they took them in.  Now we have reached Defcon 2 for finding homes for these sweeties, because this week includes moving day.

Animal Advocates of Pedasi just had a spay clinic, so all pooches are nicely neutered, de-ticked and de-fleaed.  And cute.  Really cute.


Mama Dog #1. She’s the spotted puppy’s mama.

The two mama dogs are real sweethearts, but they won’t be making more pups, as they both visited the docs at the spay clinic.  Both are gorgeous, with lovely soft fur.

The pups remaining are an adorable little spotted girl who will probably hit 30 pounds or so, and a charmer of a young doberman, see photo at top of article.


Mama Dog #2 – a real beauty, gentle but terrified.  No one knows what happened to her babies.

If you can make room in your heart and your home, please contact Loni via this website using the contact form.  You are guaranteed* a full step up the purgatory ladder for your effort, or at the very least, that  you will NOT reincarnate as a cockroach.


  • All guarantees are backed by Bank of Angels, LLC.

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