Prehistoric Bug Look-Alike Straight from the Pleistocene


Prehistoric (Looking) Bug
Found in Azuerian Sink

The little dude in the picture was in my laundry sink one morning.  He is no lightweight.  That is not a giant picture of a tiny bug.  It is a tiny picture of a giant, what has to be prehistoric bug.

That guy must have been two and a half inches from stem to stern and proportionally wide.  I have no idea what kind of bug he is, except he looks sort of cockroach-y in a pleistocenic sort of way.  I can just see him desperately scurrying off a pile of allosaurus dung as a pterodactyl swoops toward him from a lurid, volcano-lit sky.

He was all by himself in my laundry sink that morning, a spot which usually had a few dawn-greeters in it every morning.  Could his solitude have been coincidence?  Or the result of breakfast?  Did the other bugs not visit because he looks so scary?  What is the story?

Whatever he is, he’s fascinating, right?  And he has an eminently photogenic personality.  So I just had to share.  So if you know his name and what he does for a living, or you have met his relatives somewhere, please drop a line in the comments.