Proof of Life Followup

This message came from the Embassy on February 3:

U.S. Embassy Panama
Consular Section
Federal Benefits Unit

The Social Security Administration recently informed us that there are still over 300 Social Security recipients residing in Panama who have not returned their proof of life form.   In May/June of each year these forms are sent to the mailing address recipients have on record with the SSA.   A second request is mailed in October.

If you meet any of the conditions below, you were required to comply with this requirement in 2014:

∗Beneficiary with a representative payee or

∗Beneficiary aged 90 and over or

∗The terminal digits of your SSN ends in 00 – 49

If you have not yet returned your proof of life form to the Federal Benefits Unit or if you wish to obtain a blank form, please contact us immediately. The Social Security Administration will start suspending benefits in February 2015.


Let me assure you the Social Security Administration is NOT kidding about this.  Check your SSN and whether or not you received the notice, if it ends with the digits 00 through 49, get the form to the Embassy.  Here is a link to the form: Proof of Life Form 7162.  More information about it  is available on a previous blog post, Proof of Life is in the Form.

Fill it out and get it to the Embassy.