Puppy Rescue 2

Chitre Firemen in puppy rescue

Chitre Firemen in Dramatic Puppy Rescue 
Photo courtesy of @EmergenciasPTY via Twitter May 28,2014

 Firemen save lives.

The firemen of Panama are no exception.  In Chitre on May 28, 2014, the bomberos (firemen) saved the lives of three tiny puppies whose mother birthed them in this culvert.  It would seem the puppy rescue was just in time, as the culvert was apparently about to be installed on the construction site.

I found this information thanks to Spay Panama which retweeted these photos posted by Emergencias PTY.  One of my Google Alerts found them, and I am delighted to be able to share them with you.  If you want to see the originals,  here they are — the SpayPanama retweet  and  the original tweet on  Emergencias PTY, which has a few more photos.  You can get a sense of the size of these pups by looking at the shot in the original set of the puppy in the Styrofoam fast food container.

Spay Panama

Puppy rescue - Lucky Little Dogs - These are the pups saved by the firemen.

Lucky Little Dogs – These are the pups saved by the firemen.
Photo courtesy Emergencias PTY via Twitter, May 28,2014

Spay Panama is an organization affiliated with the Humane Society in the US. Dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and cats in Panama, Spay Panama works chiefly through offering inexpensive spay and neuter clinics.  Local veterinarians donate their time and skills to these clinics.  Local people who care about the plight of Panama’s dogs and cats also volunteer to assist with the pre- and post-surgery care of the “patients.”

Adopt A Dog Azuero

Here in the Las Tablas area, we have our own animal rescue heroes.  Loni and Mike O’Grady give generously of their time and energy to rehabilitate abandoned dogs.  One of their many contributions to the community is the work they do with SpayPanama to help curtail the animal overpopulation problem.  Another is the direct rescue work they do with abandoned dogs in the Playa Uverito area.  The O’Gradys are currently housing twelve rescued dogs,  for which they hope to find homes soon.  They are also looking for a place to relocate the rescue center.

You can help by letting them know of any suitable rentals where kennels might be built, or by adopting one of the sweet dogs they have rescued. Or both. They can easily be contacted via their website, AdoptADogAzuero.com.

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