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Ready to Ride, Sort Of

Fearless Eld Fowl here, calling, as we birds do, yoooooo-hoooooo, yoo-woo-ooo-hoo… Any other Fearless Eld Fowls out there? I know at least one here in Las Tablas, but she doesn’t  ride a scooter – yet. Who else is out there? Let’s join forces, OK?  Let’s form a riding club of our own!

Imagine us. There we are on a sunny Panama morning in our jean jackets, gloves and helmets, mounted on our trusty steeds, gas tank (both kinds) filled, tires checked, water bottles stashed, emergency sunblock, bug stuff and t.p. tucked away, sunglasses flashing, engines revving.

We are Ready to Ride.

There are all sorts of places to go here.

The drive to Uverito is fabulous on a scooter. I especially enjoy being on my scooter at that point when suddenly the ocean is close and you begin to whisk through those lovely natural surprises – pockets of cooler air along the highway.

Riding out to Playa Jobo through Manatial is another treat.  Or how about a trip down the road to Las Tablas Abajo and Playa Comadres? Sometimes the way is temporarily blocked by a herd of cattle. That can be exciting.

Finding new places isn’t my forte, as I tend to get lost for a living. (That was a bit of an issue for an occasional real estate client in the bad old days.) Although I have since learned to approach this kind of thing with no perfectionism in my outlook, I’m sure there will be someone in our group who is good at hearing about great spots to ride and navigating. And if not… well, it’s a great day for a ride, right? Besides, “An Adventure” is simply “A Bummer, Redefined.”

The cyclists here have a group. I’m sure the moto crowd has at least one. Why shouldn’t we scootists have our own little club (club-ito)? Let’s do it.

Contact me through the blog!  Do it right now!

One thought on “Scooter Riding Club

  • nerissagailey

    Damn, Girrrrl! Too bad I have neither the scooter nor the proximity to make forming a gang-ette a possibility, cuz helmet hair be danged! Pursuit of new horizons should be encouraged!

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