Shipping to Panama – Count the Ways

Pacifico, the Extremely Helpful Manager at Las Tablas Mailboxes Etc.

Pacifico, the Extremely Helpful Manager at Las Tablas Mailboxes Etc.

You have choices for sending and receiving internationally in Panama.  The three most prominently obvious ones are the Panamanian Postal Service, Airbox Express and Mailboxes, Etc.

In a previous post, I told you my experience with the Panamanian Postal Service.  It has been quite positive during the approximately 18 months I’ve had my box.  I also mentioned Airbox Express – definitely not a positive experience for me.  In fact, pretty horrible, per undisclosed facts.

At the time I wrote the original blog post, Mailboxes, Etc. had just opened a new office here in Las Tablas. Few people were using it.  However, I really hope that changes, because the staff there is wonderful and the service is terrific.

I have my own “loose mail” situation under control, and don’t need a shipper for it. (I use “child” labor, ja-ja.) But I do occasionally like to order something from Ebay or Amazon or wherever.  So when I discovered that MBE no longer required a monthly account for receiving packages, I was elated and promptly ordered some shoes on Ebay. And then a few electronics accessories I couldn’t find here.

I can’t say enough nice things about MBE’s office here in Las Tablas. I have to give the store an A++. The manager speaks excellent English, and his two assistants seem to understand quite a bit of it, although they speak more haltingly.  However, they seem to prefer to struggle with my language than to have me struggle with theirs, so I don’t go there to practice Spanish!

All three of the staff have a fine understanding of “customer service.” They are always pleasant and seem happy to see me. Once, when I was stressed over delay with some documents, the very sweet young lady assisting me patted my hand and sympathetically told me not to worry.  Not to mention that my goods have nearly always arrived promptly, always in excellent condition and the shipping charges have been extremely reasonable.

If that weren’t enough, the office has that rarity in Las Tablas, parking! So it’s easy to get in and get out.

As I said, I can’t say enough nice things about this office. Do give them a try if you need shipping services to and from the Las Tablas area.