Stop Ad Tracking: Close Your Online Curtains

Close Your Ad Tracking Curtains

Close Your Ad Tracking Curtains

Concerned about internet ad tracking?  An excellent post by Indies Unlimited‘s Jim Devitt suggests a few ways to cut the online spying back a bit. He also provides an important link to an opt-out tool. If you hate being tracked, use it on all your browsers.

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Internet Tracking: How To Minimize Data That Is Used

When I went to the website for the opt-out tool and used the tool for the one browser on my phone, the three browsers on my primary laptop and the two on my secondary, I was astonished by  the different levels of tracking found on each.  I was also interested to notice that some of the participating companies were unavailable to take my opt outs.  To me this is a Hmmm, and also means that I will repeat the process until all of them are accepted.

You know?  I don’t mind sharing, I just like to be asked first.  It gives me the creeps otherwise.  And what is the first rule of almost anything involving sales and marketing:?  Don’t spook the herd.  Too late, hey?  We’re pounding through the prairie now.