Moving in Panama, while a slightly scary proposition (this is NOT Kansas, honey), shares the same basic logistics you have anywhere.  You have to find boxes, you have to find helpers, and you have to find a guy with a truck. You also have to cancel or change your services and notify “everyone” of your new address. Find Boxes For […]

Moving Day in Panama

Little Miss Muffet has nothing on me. On Halloween (!!!) a bat fell off the ceiling and landed next to me. It just missed the printer. I sat, fingers poised over the keyboard, stunned, as I tried to process what the undeniably ugly, semi-rectangular brown thing squirming feebly eight inches from my foot could possibly be. Surely not a bat. But, […]

Going Bat-ty

I guess you could say the Adopt a Dog Event was a rousing success. Loni and Mike brought 7 dogs to town, complete with their charming “Adopt Me” harnesses. Six of those dogs have new homes now. AND, a Panamanian gentleman with four puppies joined the group mid-morning and successfully found homes for all four little ones, as well. Loni […]

Followup on Adopt A Dog Event

Last Sunday I had lunch here in Las Tablas with a group from the Panama Relocation Tours. A lovely woman from Boquete, Jackie Lange, leads these tours, which help people from just about everywhere decide if Panama is right for them. Jackie loads her group of 15 or so onto a giant, comfy, air conditioned bus and takes them to […]

Panama Relocation Tours